Wood Vs Conlan (in Nottingham)

Any thoughts on this one?
I’m hoping Wood does the business on him.

I agree. That Conlan comes across as pretty unlikable eh.

It’s all a bit pointless though seeing as Santa Cruz is now going to defend the real belt. Stupid regular belts!

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Yes, too many belts and too many ranking tables.

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Looking forward to this one.

Something that’s not very “sellable” in Conlan…

What a fight. Hope both fighters are in good health after that.

Like WTF!!!
Glad to hear that Conlon’s up and about (hard to think “OK” is a good description).

Excellent stuff.

Had Conlon one up going into the last.

Some fight that. Proper battle. Crazy finish, glad Conlan is ok as that looked rough!

My jaw dropped as he fell out of the ring. Looked like he was unconscious before he fell out.

Crazy ending.

Aye only one of the angles I saw this morning really show the punch that caught him. Live it looked like he just passed out eh.

It was a brilliant fight. Good to see there both ok after a fight like that. I had my nephew last night. He’s 9 year old so I thought I would introduce him to the world of boxing. He was absolutely mesmerised by it. Good first fight for him to see and one he will remember.

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That was mental.

Everything we love and “hate” about the sport in one amazing moment. Glad he’s ok and a good bill of boxing overall.

Really enjoyed the Sandy Ryan fight as well. Great to see two game fighters like that. Good evening’s entertainment.

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