World championship fights

Just curious about how others play once they’ve got a fighter that becomes world champion?

Personally I try to fight the number one contender for that specific belt every fight if I can regardless of how good they are unless there’s chance for a unification it brings a bit of realism before they add mandatories I think?

If I’m honest I tend to go with the easiest challenger until it’s a unification. Get the money in the bank before fighting in the big 50/50s.

I can see the logic in that to be fair I’ve been tempted to bank the money, but I just like the idea of a mandatory

I expect we will get mandatories before too long. Yeah that would be a nice addition.

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Mandatories will be soon enough once we’ve come out the other side of regionals :slight_smile:


I tend to go for easier fights to start with. All depends on which fighter for me though. Always got a couple a faves that I start with and tend to look after them a little bit more.
Think mandatory is the way to go though.

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All depends on the fighter and where I am in terms of weeks played. If he’s lucky to be where he is or has a significant weakness i’m picking easier and favourable fights but if he’s an absolute killer I like to try and face all the best guys in the division then move up. Unless I’m at the start of a game where I play everything quite safe until I get some bank!