World title rankings

How do the rankings actually work cause I’ve got two fighters at flyweight and one has 54 fights and been beating high ranked fighters and I can’t get him into a position for a world title and I have my other fighter who has 20 fights and has already had a world title fight but hasn’t fought that many good people apart from one fighter that was quite highly ranked but not as highly ranked as the people my other fighter has fought but yet he keeps getting ranked higher and is in number 1 position in all the world organisations again and he has fought no one to be number 1 where as my other fighter has been fighting good people and this has happened with a few of my other fighters as well so I was just wondering how the rankings actually work

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It’s hard to explain and we don’t want to reveal too much as we think the basics work and that the variability is part of the playability of the game.

However, we use a mixture of rankings systems to create the titles and have a very small difference applied to each title org to create the variability that feels the most boxing like.

What you describe is the effect we’re looking for I guess.

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I think it works great. Boxing is incredibly random and this nails it. I mentioned it before when this was brought up but Hagler won his first title in his 54th fight! While his big rival Hearns won it in his 29th. That’s boxing.

I always like to think the other boxers are avoiding them. Bit like ggg and start of his career.

Totally. That’s how I look at it as well. The randomness is a lot harder to achieve than if the game had strict rules. I think it works perfect.