World titles and the real world

Thought this interesting as the topic of holding and vacate titles comes up here increasingly.

This kind of stuff is what we are trying to create in the BM game world. Just the plain crazy and unorganised world of boxing:)

From today’s The Times re:Joshua/Fury.

The world title is likely to be undisputed for only about 48 hours after Joshua and Fury finally get together. Part of the deal for the contest is expected to be that the winner hands back the WBO belt as soon as the bout is done, a way of getting around the commitments to Oleksandr Usyk, the WBO’s mandatory challenger.

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Imagine the confusion if you included interm, regular, diamond belts etc. Boxing is a farce to be honest.

I’m betting on someone here asking for them the second that we finally get the regional titles out of the door :):slight_smile:

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I can never get my head round rankings and the way some of organisations act. Most recent one for me is dillian whyte. After all the decent and highly ranked boxers he fought. How didn’t he get to be no1 in other rankings? He wanted wilder and probably would have carried on waiting but it’s not the point. I am not a massive MMA fan but there are a few things that boxing could take from it. I know belt situation will only get worse but it’s the protecting the “0” that annoys me most.MMA want to fight best and there’s no hiding.

As we have seen in past six months, the fewer shows (and this is why it happens in MMA) the less chance or even reason there is to protect an “0”.

There aren’t that many opportunities to fight now so hopefully boxing will revert back again a little bit more.

Personally love the chaos of rankings, titles and the whole business of boxing:):slight_smile:

I think it’s just due to who he has fought and where they were in each federations rankings. WBA for example, he hasn’t fought anyone in the top 15 so he isn’t listed. It’s complete nonsense though. It’s also to do with who he is paying sanctioning fees to. I think. Not sure anyone really knows :joy:

I am shocked no one was in wba top 15? Am not say all his recent fights have been against the best but he has never really picked the easy fight. I hope the protecting the “0” changes and domestically we have seen a few in recent years where both have put it on line. To be honest though if rankings and all were perfect and we got what we want we would have nowt to talk about. :joy:

Though Tyson Fury is also not listed on WBAs top 15, and Wilder is so who knows.

Protecting the 0 seems to be a recent thing after Mayweather. Agree its infuriating and stops great fights happening. But it’s also hard to blame them as boxing fans are brutal these days. One defeat and your a bum!

That lists a bit of an eye opener. Not sumat I keep my eye on really. WBA needs a shake up. Bit of a week line up really. Glad to see Prince Charles still rocking a high position.:joy:

They all do. WBC was always traditionally the best. But they are a complete farce under Sulaiman. All those different belts for sanctioning fees. Ring Magazine rankings are probably the best to go by.

WBC has made some shocking moves in recent years. The franchise belt is one of biggest jokes. My dad got me into boxing and when I was a kid he would always say if fight was for wbc… this fights for the proper belt.haha.

I think the green WBC best is still the one they all want. Well that and Ring Magazines Rocky belt. But yeah, they are doing a great job of ruining the name of it.

And all this goes to show that actually we should make the game world rankings and title shots even more incomprehensible and hard!!! :wink:

Each of these organisations is just some possibly dubious business purporting to be a “global/world sporting organisation” when its a guy in a building with a set of rules and people paying him/them off. Same with the drug organisations, its’ a letterhead and bought credibility game, they are businesses not official organisation.

Time to Kickstart the Boxing Manager™ Official Rankings and Belt :wink: I can hear David Diamante/Buffer hamming the title up now…

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Does that mean your not going to take the MTK money when they come calling to attach their name to the game … :flushed::joy::joy:

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Am sure your determined to get someone on here to say make it harder.:joy:. I think it’s sound as it is. Had odd struggle but keeps me interested. In previous save I had 1 fighter who was nearing 20 on everything but cut tendency was 2. When I got in top 2 or 3 I would have a fight, get cut, injured for 5-8 weeks. By time he got fit rankings would have come out again and he would be a few positions out from title fight. Haha

We wouldn’t want to make any association with anyone!

We love our game and will be able to give players want they want without hopefully any such associations whoever it is with. In these days we can make a cool game between just the makers and the players.

#neversaynever :wink:

Haha I’m sure you wouldn’t. But MTK sure have been getting around all elements of boxing in such a short space of time. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if you were approached at some time.

Either way, in our case we don’t need to. We’re cool with what’s happening here over the next 1-3 years and what we have planned :slight_smile: We’re keen to be playing what’s planned and that’s always where we start with everything BM-related.

I agree mate, I think the difficulty balance is just right. I mean personally I find it a little easy but I know the game inside out and have played it since the previous version so I should really.