Worried about my fighter

I’m really worried about my fighter because he is currently 32 years of age and undefeated 60-0 and 31-0 in total fights with a 98% KO ratio and I’m worried that in his next fight he could get a knock down to the canvas and not get back up so he could get knock out I wish I could retire him right now and tips on how I can improve him more if I can or not


I get it. You care for him. You worry for his health. You want to protect him.

But at the end of the day, if he wants to fight, you’ve got to let him fight. There is nothing you can do. It might be painful to watch, but you can’t hold him back. Let him go. Just be there for him - win, lose or draw.


Got to say it.
This is one of our favourite posts of all time in the forum.

We love that players care for fighters.

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There’s no way in 1b years that this guy would retire at this stage in real life.

Keep us posted…

I’ve been there had 2 undefeated fighters in my last save. Currently got a 39-0 fighter getting on in age in this new save as well we just have to let them go when its their time to lose :’(


There really are some great careers out there.

Be great for managers to be able to save or store these classic fighters from across save worlds somehow…:slight_smile:

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Maybe a ‘Suggest Retirement’ button?