Worst African boxer ever

So just loaded a new game and I was upgrading my fighter and I went to go book a Fight and then I’ll come across this guy from Ghana who is 1-46 Why the hell would you fight after 46 potential knockouts that you received that’s basically brain damage and if they would knockouts did I give it to him but I’m saying based off the stats he definitely got knocked out or the referee stop the fight because he received too much punishment in the fight :joy::joy::joy: @IronMike your coding is insane when it comes to random generated Fighter

They’re called journeymen.


Huge part of boxing irl. Journeymen are hugely important. They are there not to win but to give rookie fighters experience. This one’s my favourite.

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He’s a good un :slight_smile:

And all credit to your Ghanaian man. Long may he keep supplying wins and experience :slight_smile:

So these journeymen I can use them to build up my 18-20 yr olds with great dedication??

I’m not sure I understand your question here. They are in the game as they exist irl. They are simply easy fights for early on in a career.

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Was asking do I get the same amount of xp beating them as I would beating a fellow up and coming fighter

Yeah of course. I was talking about irl man :blush:.

You will often see people who dont really know boxing slag off an up and coming fighter who fights someone with a bad record (Tommy Fury a recent example of this). Not understanding that all boxers fight journeymen on the way up.

Anyway, if anyone is at all interested in this mostly un-talked about subject this is a great interview…

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