Would like to see mandatory fights added

Struggling to make a championship fight for my fighter while a fighter that he KO’ed is fighting for a world title


You’re ineligible for the WBA and IBF belts


Mandatories and voluntary defences are much needed but are a huge change in the game so whilst it’s something in the pipeline we need to make it work alongside the current compromise situation. If there are mandatories then the opportunities to make the fights you want for your fighters are considerably less. As are multiple title champions given that mandatories are rarely the same and that organisations prefer a vacation/title stripping to a step aside…

It’d be cool if there was an eliminator in-game where 2 of the top 3 ranked contenders or something were to fight for a mandatory. Too often I get my fighters to a ranking where they become eligible for a belt, then I sit on that ranking and wait until a title shot opens up. Eliminators would keep me making fights for guys in those situations and would bring more realism whilst still fitting the current game flow I think.

Of course only that one belt would be on the line, which could also help unifies champions make fights instead of vacating their belts.


would personally love to see eliminators ahead of either strict voluntary/mandatory system. would be cool. As would tournaments :wink:

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Absolutely. Let guys fight for those mandatory positions. In the real world as well. And tournaments would be sweet too

Possibly against the grain here but I like the fact that sometimes you have to wait ages for a title shot, sometimes you don’t. Brings a real sense of realism to the game. Boxing in real life is pretty chaotic, with a huge amount of politics and broken rules. To simulate this in game is impressive. Would be easier to just have top 5 = title shot (as it did in an old version of the game).

Mandatories would be a cool enough edition. But be careful what you wish for. As, like has been said above, mandatories could mean even longer for that title shot. As you have to remember, it would also be in place for all boxers in the game, not just yours.

Totally true. We may make the title prefs an option. Either as it is or totally realistic….

Eliminators to establish a mandatory challenger seems the way to go.

Something along the lines of an elimination bout every 52 weeks to establish a mandatory. The winner is next in line but the champ can make one optional defense if so desired.

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