Would like to see more made of a retirement

Just had my first fighter retire, and my first thought was panic that I hadn’t renewed his contract - the news item was buried half a dozen lines down, and all I could initially see was that I couldn’t see the Growth tab…

Maybe a little pop up after the fight with the text that is currently used in the news article would be good? It would add a bit of immersion into the game, make sure we know what’s going on, and be a more fitting end to careers like the three time world champion Luke Cheeseman!


Now that IS a very fair point!!!

Thanks for the suggestion. A popup seems good but higher priority for the news item in the feed is definitely one.
Also a list of all fighters from stable over course of game world might be cool.

If the stable history isn’t already there, then definitely in support of that too!

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Yeah good suggestion. Also agree with the stable history thing. Would be nice to see a list of all your stables world champions past and present.

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