Would you guys say this is a bug

Got very unlucky and was winning this fight with a fighter with 20 on the canvas gets knocked down once never gets up really annoying I don’t think this should happen with 20 on the canvas I consider this a bug

Hey it happens in real life. One punch can change most fights. Personally I quite like that these kind of upsets are in the game, they don’t happen all that often. Doesn’t look like a bug to me.

Definitely not a bug.
We have whole systems of stuff counting these things over huge (billions of fights). But get it that when it happens it sucks.

Question here is does 20 mean never going down. We say no but always happy to hear opposing views :slight_smile:

Nah it should be impossible to have a stat that means he is never going down. Look at Ivan Drago!

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I haven’t got a problem with him being dropped just the fact he was dropped once and never got up even though he is 20 on the canvas i think is stupid but just my opinion

Agree that does suck and massively so.

Iv been close to deleting a save when my hot young prospect gets knocked out in an early fight. It brings rage as you know he should win. But it really is very rare. And does happen irl. Make sure you get a rematch when you can. Avenge that loss Lennox Lewis style!

Already moved on to a new save :joy:

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Damn that’s proper toys out the pram mate :joy:. You must have been properly raging! Iv been there man :joy::joy: