WTBM Anachronism #1- Poll

As people know we’re committed to the continuous incremental optimisation of BM.

One thing that’s seemingly time to change/challenge is the game time display format.

We have always counted in weeks but have always felt that whilst it works on one level the way the gameworld has developed means that using actual calendar dates would be an improvement and allow better future gameplay.

As ever we welcome your opinion.

  • Keep current “Week” game date
  • Change to using Calendar date format. (eg 1/1/2020)
  • Something else (please state in topic thread)

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Thanks for your votes.

We are investigating this and some of the complexities that lie behind this change. For example, what day to schedule fights and how the Advance game will work without adding more clicks.


Could you maybe add a way to skip straight to fights because that could save you waiting 4 weeks plus