Xu Can vs Brandon Benitez

Here’s a reminder for all of the people needing a new fight to look forward to now than Benn-Eubank is off :joy:

Xu Can is always good for some fireworks. Friday night against Brandon Benitez, who I’ve only seen fight once before and he got knocked out lol. Still, any boxing is better than no boxing, and Xu is a very good fighter.

The card looks good.

Xu Can vs Brandon Benitez in the main event. Chief support is Cesar Francis vs Francisco Armenta in a 10 round super lightweight bout. I’m quite a fan of Francis, he can really bang. Coming off of a huge win against Raymundo Beltran for a regional title. He could be looking at being ranked sooner rather than later if he continues stepping up. Prior to that, a good prospect Darrelle Valsaint takes on some journeyman. Just another name that’s good for a few rounds. To kick off the event, maybe the second best fight on the card. 8 middleweight rounds between Kanat Islam, who’s a really talented fighter looking to rebound off of his first career loss. He’s taking on a decent journeyman in Javier Mariel, who some of you may know from giving Ammo Williams some decent rounds before getting TKOed. Overall, should be a good night of fights :boxing_glove:

Bad time for us in the uk this one. But never know, let’s see how Friday night goes haha