YouTube Boxing Discussion

Just here to see what people’s opinions are on the YouTube boxing.

At first I wasn’t to fussed about YouTubers fighting each other and being from the YouTube generation was quite excited for it. When they started turning pro I wasn’t fussed as they were just still fighting each other and if they wish to have a pro career fair play. Just don’t do it the jake Paul way please and thanks. However the way Sky sports is taking on Logan Paul vs Mayweather however to watch Josh Taylor the first British undisputed champion since Lennox Lewis you had to be chucked on some app you’ll never use again was shocking and really made my opinions really change.

Is boxing in the mud bhoys love to hear some opinions I lie somewhere in the middle fuck these Paul’s man ruining the sweet science

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Good post mate. It’s pretty much a load of shit to me but hey I also appreciate their hustle. I had never heard of the ‘Paul’s’ before these fights so it’s all a bit alien to me.

I watched one of the triller events. With one of the Paul’s fighting an out of shape Askren. Snoop getting high, De La Hoya out his face on the Peruvian. And someone taking a dive against Prograis. It was mental. It felt more like WWE on steroids. But hey, I also kinda enjoyed it. I think it has its place, though not convinced it attracts many new fans to real boxing.

Unfortunately I think the lack of interest in the Taylor fight is just a Scottish thing. I know the proper UK boxing fans follow him. But he is a Scottish boxer promoted by an American. Casuals over here had no idea who he is. Hate to say it but he should move over to Eddie as soon as he can.

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I think he’ll stick it out with TopRank but he’s definitely Eddie’s wet dream :joy: I’ve known those Paul’s for a while couple melts on YouTube always have been that Logan seems like the sensible one tho jakes just a pure arse. But Logan had fought ksi and had been beaten 0-1 in boxing professionally and fights mayweather mockery of the sport in my opinion

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Must admit, I only realised recently there was 2 of them :joy::joy:. I watched the KSI fight as BJS was on before. I think. Something like that. But only recently discovered that’s not the guy who fought the basketball player etc.


Having said that, I’d quite like to see Hearn in the ring.

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I’ve no interest in these youtuber fights. I don’t watch celebrity football matches either. Boring.

Eventually I suspect one will get seriously hurt against a professional who doesn’t hold back.