BM Ringisde Glitch

I don’t know what’s going on here. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?emphasised text

What happened before was I had to remove each fight after like 20 sims which also resulted in half of my fights leaving. I thought that removing the fights would allow me to continue the game, but it didn’t

Hey bro had a similar thing, by any chance did you just have an amateur fighter about to make his debut? If so he’s the problem. Once I removed the amateur fighters bout it continued but it will glitch again when you rebook him.

I suggest using what ever exp he has, ending his contract, and then resigning him. Only thing that worked for me.

I just released my debuting fighter but the problem still hasn’t gone away

I did see it somewhere but I can’t find it, anyone have a problem solve for belts that have just disappeared? Have a few weight classes with only 2 belts, and I Don’t really want to start over as I’ve made small purchases here and there.

Anyone? Still got nothing

Usually just remove duplicate champions works for me or add a interim and pick the weight class

I have also got the same issue and can’t remove the fighter and can’t progress at all - any news if there is a fix to this issue?

the fix is with apple this should be live tonight or a bit later

How do I do this mate?