BM summer wish list

Always good to press reset after a big feature bump like those of the past few weeks.

We’re always collating the various requests for features but wondered in what ONE particular feature or area would you love to see us focus on?

As ever we have our plans but we’re always keen to hear what BM players think.

Almost feels like the game is complete mate :joy:. I guess the next big thing is moving from setting up individual fights to actual fight cards.

But personally I would love the youth/amateur side of the game looked at. Iv dropped some ideas on this in the past. Basically as well as the current system, the player also has some amateurs offered through there own gym each year (FM does this). And attach banners to the best kids coming through. One Olympic champ every 4 years per weight. Several Olympians per weight every 4 years. 1 amateur world champion per weight every year. If your lucky one of these comes through your gym.


Yeah I’m with tartan tornado on this one

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Being able to terminate fighter contracts.

I’ve also noticed that the game runs quite slow on my admittedly old iPhone 6s since the last big update. Not sure if you can do anything about that.


Top ones a cool one:) Thanks Rob.

Assume when you say last update you mean with extension pack running?

The standard game runs ok we think but obviously doubling everything in the game world does mean doubling everything that’s happening which inevitably means slower update times….

Yeah sorry Alex I meant when you run all the divisions (17?) as opposed to the traditional 8.
With 8 divisions it runs fine, with the expanded version it takes about 40 to 50 seconds to process, not a game breaker but more noticeable. Still a great game.

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Your comment has set us thinking again on contract termination. Yes easy. Flip side is well, we always try to find a flip side to every game action, and this one feels good.

So you terminate the contract of one guy opens up the inevitable probability that it will either upset or maybe please other fighters in the stable. In effect make it a destabilising (although not necessarily negatively so) effect.
Just a thought…:slight_smile:

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Alex, If you upset a guy by not getting him fights and he eventually leaves, does that upset the rest of your stable?

A little but not often.

I was looking at from the point of view of how do I get rid of someone in my stable quickly, once I’ve decided he’s not good enough.
I’d never even considered the morale issue which is a good one.


I think it would be useful if on the career record page for a fighter it would show you which weight each fight was at.


We are actively working on this as next update. No guarantees but that’s what we’re doing today and tomorrow;)

Personally the only other thing thing missing from the game, is having the option to possibly download ones editor database from the 1950s to the 2010s.

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I honestly feel that downloading ones database from decades ago, etc would bring a lot of long term casual boxing fans into this game.

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Yes we agree.

To make that happen we wanted to get to all weights and then a few others things to make it much more fun. But yes. Question also of database size that we’ve been looking at. For example, if we start in the 50s how many real fighters do we include (obviously as many as possible but our research doesn’t go back beyond contenders and champs).

Would love the option for your fighter to keep there value once they change weight, for example I managed to get my fighter joey love to become an undisputed LHW champion 8 title fights in total 8 ko but I noticed his value fell almost half when he moved to cruiserweight , even after winning 3 of 4 belts in the very first matchup at that weight.

I think this would be a fair reflection of real life as for example I wouldn’t say usyk value has fell just because he’s a heavyweight now rather than cruiserweight and he doesn’t even hold a belt and is still well respected on P4P list.

In some way I suppose this would also go for the P4P list in the game because you do tend to drop once moving up again , it almost feels as if to get your fighters value the highest you must continue at one weight rather than win multiple undisputed titles at different weights.

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For example if you set something up where players can create their own 50s database to a 90s database, like a server where you can download easily others customised database which could save all the research for you.

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Totally agree with this. The P4P is going to improve and not be dependant on world titles in the way it is at present.(that almost sounds like an editorial from Boxing News)…

Anyway, agree on the P4P.

As for the Cruiser value, for every Usyk there’s countless other Cruisers who were definitely not worth a shilling more as Cruisers than they were at LH or as they might be at H…

Just reading this the way the system works his value will indeed fall on going to C from LH. However, should the opportunity arise the move back to H will move him back again well into the big time. Seems natural enough to us that C should be a downer on the financial side not least with SM,LH and H adjacent.

Wouldn’t say it was the only thing!
More realism, more depth. Fight cards, promotions and tons of data. And that’s just this year :wink:

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