Boxers you have met in real life

Assuming that most on here are boxing fans as well as fans of the game. Interested if anyone has met any legends of the sport.

Being from Leith I’m lucky to have shared many a pint with the great Ken Buchanan. Always a pleasure to hear his stories (he is still very bitter about the Roberto Duran fight :joy:). Certainly the greatest Scottish boxer of all time but I have a feeling Josh Taylor will take that crown.


Have met a fair few over the years but biggest brag was to spend a whole day (when researching an earlier version of this game) with Manny Steward and the Kronk team (including Hilmer Kenty) who were over in Manchester. Highlights of the day including a few hours talking boxing alone in his hotel room with Manny and every two hours taking down orange juice on a tray to Thomas Hearns. Crazy crazy unforgettable day!!!

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Still not sure that beats “many of pint” with Ken Buchanan though!!!

Not sure to be honest. Manny Steward and the Hitman!! Wow! Doesn’t get much more legendary.

Also met Alex Arthur a cpl of times when I used to run club nights. World champ but not quite at that level :joy:.

Also shows how long you have been working on this game as been a while since Manny passed.

Amazingly the first version of this came out in late 1999!!!

Yes it was long ago. It was when Hearns fought Nate Miller on the Naz/Ingle undercard. Scarily good looking bill even now :slight_smile:
Looking at Boxrec it was April 1999!

Just remembered that also “met”/had photo with Johnny Tapia in early 2000s when at the Racing Post!!! Have a terrifyingly bad photo somewhere of this…

Wow 1999. That’s crazy! I just assumed the previous version was the first.

That’s some awesome research though. Though that kind of just sounds like an excuse to chat to some of your hero’s :joy:

It’s all a long story and a very long time ago.

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This games older than me then crazy :exploding_head:

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Tony Bellew was stood next to me outside a hotel in Cardiff after Joshua v Parker. I was waiting for a taxi and assume he was waiting for a lift or something not sure(he was with a couple of monsters who I assume were body guards or security of his. He didn’t seem in the best of moods as his mate David Price had just been sparked out by Povetkin so I just let him know I was a fan and let him be.:joy:


I’m from Bournemouth, UK. I met Anthony Joshua and Mayweather when they came to Bournemouth my dad has been friends with Haymon since uni, got pictures with them luckily - really nice people. I did actually tease Floyd about his bronze medal though and AJs chances against Deontay Wilder (met him in 18’).


That’s cool. Joshua always comes across as a nice guy. Think he would beat Wilder as well. Hopefully see that one day.

Yeah, when I was at Betfair we sponsored him for a while just after the Olympics and he would come in. I would also stand about and tell anyone who would listen that he was too soft to make it :wink:

One thing I can’t stand, especially on social media is when people think they need to hate one boxer because they are a fan of another. People that hate Fury cause they like Joshua and vice versa. Absolute nonsense. People should just be grateful we have such talented heavyweights.

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Who do you reckon wins though I’d put my house on fury guys a one in a lifetime boxer never seen someone 6’9 and move the way he does

Previously I thought Fury by some distance. But having been out the ring for so long now I’m not as confident. I mean I still think Fury wins, but in reality it could go either way.

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That reminds us… Need to try and finish this app off!


The way he took out wilder puts enough confidence in me to say he takes AJs head off 6-7th round stoppage am calling. Thanks to people like SugarHill making Tyson even more of an animal

I personally think Joshua is a lot better than Wilder. Not really sure how Fury will play this one. Does he use his exceptional movement and be elusive or does he go all out aggressive like he did v Wilder. One of Joshua’s biggest strength’s is his uppercut close in so Fury will have to be aware of that. It’s a fascinating fight. And whoever loses will be branded a complete bum on social media :joy::joy:

I will be wanting Fury to win as Iv been a fan since his early days.

This thread should’ve been for martial artists you’ve met in real life. Louis Smolka, Tyson Nam, Russell Doane and Ricky Simón are all good friends of mine and are all in the UFC aside from Doane who used to be in the UFC.

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