Boxing Manager update 1.00.01

We have just released this first update into the App Store and should be available over coming few hours.

It is the first of two or three quick bug and game balancing releases we will do over the coming weeks. Again we’re keen to get fixes out of the door rather than wait for stuff that’s taking a bit longer…

We will release again next week with remaining issues (details in a following post). We will also post plans/ideas for the next big feature drop.

Boxing Manager version 1.00.01
This version includes the following fixes or changes.

  • Fixed issue where contract offer UI would change when offering fighter contract.
  • Fixed fighter screen menu when contract button was obscured in some situations
  • Fixed issues caused when managed fighter moved weight
  • Reduced likelihood of injuries when using certain fight instructions
  • Reduced effect of post-fight injuries. Injuries are now less likely and less severe.
  • Reduced median length of post-fight cut recovery time
  • Injured fighters do not complain when they do not have a fight scheduled.
  • Fixed error whereby Potential attribute was not correctly adjusted for length of fighter career.
  • Fixed error on creating new game using previously generated game-world
  • Opening screen labels displayed correctly on new game
  • Opening screen links fixed

Great to see prompt fixes/updates, keep up the hard work and thank you!

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