Can’t sign good fighters

I have a problem, Couple of my fighters are world champion but I still can’t sign top quality fighters and other world champions. Also I am barely making any money from my fights.

That’s just the way the game is designed. It’s more centred on creating your own talent than signing experienced pros. You should start to get offered really good rookies though.

Title winning money depends on the weight and if it’s unified etc. You make great money with heavyweights and LHs. Less so as you go down weights. Try to unify, that will improve the purse.

This really is contingent in doing the right contract deals at the right time and working out the breakeven point. Losses will kill any idea of profit.

We have noted this and other comments and will look at this.

However to the point below the game is designed with a greater but far from whole emphasis on signing rookies and developing talent. That’s the management side as opposed to the promoting side of things. But as ever we always listen to feedback not least when more than one long time player mentions it and will go and look at the numbers and experience.

Like this is the best fighters I can sign even tho I have 3 world champions. It’s frustrating

But why would they sign for you other than stay with (albeit you can’t see other managers/stables at moment) their present management?

There’s simply no automatic right. Again this is one thing that the game needs to feedback better on to players

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Just to give another players opinion on that. I far prefer it now than when you used to be able to sign anyone. In my opinion the game was far too easy back then. That seemed to also be the general opinion on here.

I think what could work though, is other promotors in the game world. That way most fighters will be signed up to contracts, but you could possibly sign them when their contract has expired.

Only thing that has annoyed me a bit was a really good 19 lightheavy was available. My gym was full so I missed out on him and never got chance to sign him. He is now over 30. Had 30+ fights, never lost and never got a title fight. It’s partly my fault as I have had champs and avoided him. But you would think he would want to come a winning stable. Sumat of nowt cos I blame myself for missing him in first place.

What I sometimes do to stop me missing out on any good uk talent coming through is to open a 2nd UK gym. Any I try to allocate nee uk fighters to that one (if I can). Likewise Iv been annoyed when I missed out on a hot Scottish prospect and my gym was full!

I had already started another gym and he was only available in my first gym which I had a few champs in. It’s my own fault but I always thought I would get another chance to sign him. Out of interest, have you kept same career going or do you start new career every so often?

I start a new career all the time. My current game is 8 years in, which is probably a long time for me. Iv kept it going as I have this guy who is the greatest heavyweight of all time :joy:

I generally get a bit bored once I have loads of champions. I like the early stages in the game when you are chasing your first belt, getting your first undisputed etc.

I do same. Generally do a restart when there’s an update. Something very satisfying about seeing first champ in stable. Had this guy from 20 rookie. Only thing am not happy about is he was a lightweight. Wanted to try keep it realistic but couldn’t stop myself. :joy: from memory I don’t think he has ever been put down. He bosses every round from first bell.


The regional update with make the early stages even better. Looking forward to that.

Iron Mike needs to add something to stop fighters moving up so many weights though :joy::joy:

No restart for me till this lad retires. Got about 8-9 fighters as good as him but had him from day 1. I try to only move 1 or 2 weights. Am sure as game develops he will put a stop to it. Am sure I read somewhere on here that one day the hope is to get boxers heights involved so it would make it impossible to fly up weights too much

I think the plan is to add all the inbetween weights as well. Moving up lots of weights will make a lot more sense then.

Yes “he” does.

There’s a few game success reducers in this next update. A lockdown on too many weight moves and easily ripped off champions on (very) shit longstanding contracts is coming vvv soon. As is much else…:wink:

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I am in 2042 and have had many champions (one had 30 defenses of heavyweight, and my main gym has had over 800 fights. But I can’t sign anyone ranked in the top 100

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Exactly that’s what’s happening to me and it really bothers me coz I have a few champs but no real contenders just prospects.

I think the ability to sign ready made champions was mostly removed because so many people complained the game was far too easy when you could.

I prefer it the way it is. But then I never really signed any ready made champs when you could anyway, so makes no odds to how I play. For me the thrill is training a rookie up from nothing to champion.

Perhaps it should be reintroduced for you guys that want to, but with ridiculously high signing on fees. And only when their contract runs out (give everyone in the game a contract).

I said it previously above but having other promotors in the game world would be good. You could even get into a bidding war with another promoters to sign fighters.