Gervonta Tank Davis

Mental the amount of Americans that believe Tank is the champ at 140 even though Josh Taylor is undisputed. I need to stay of twitter, its not good for your sanity lol. Just had someone tell me belts don’t matter, it’s about popularity :joy:

I like Gervonta by the way. Class fighter. But he ain’t the champ at 140. Would love to see him fight Taylor.


Fucking stupid mate I seen that how can you be a champ at 140 when josh has all the belts boxing is generally ruining my head some things just don’t even make sense

It’s mental mate. Lots of people I see online havnt even heard of Josh Taylor. They just think Tank is the champ. Yeah ok, but surely can’t call yourself a boxing fan eh.

A lot of this chat has come because Andre Ward listed his top 10 P4P and obviously no Tank listed. So many of his fans genuinely think he is the 140 king and a 3 weight world champ. None of which is true obviously. Boxing is baffling as f man :joy::joy:. In my biased head Taylor would destroy him. Size difference is huge. They won’t go near Taylor though, too risky.

100% they don’t fight taylor most likely Tank hardest opponent but what a super fight it would be I see rumbles of loma v Tank but am sure he’s fighting lopes in the rematch

I think Prograis would beat him as well. Taylor and Prograis are pretty much Welterweights making weight at 140. While Tank is a Super Featherweight.

A shame Mayweather seems determined to keep all his fights in-house. Meaning we will never see Tank properly tested against the best. As he does look very impressive.

Just the way boxing went losing one fight to a great fighter isn’t respectful your an instant bum so stupid in my opinion some fighters greatest strengths is knowing how to take a loss. Wilder is a prime example of what boxing does to these fighters mental health because he loss to one of the greatest heavyweights of all time he can’t even speak in a press conference cowardly but I think it’s the pressure of not being undefeated. I believe losses don’t define your career it’s what you can do in the ring that does.

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So see this is where the title organizations “WBA” in particular has to drop the super and regular title as it creates confusion on who the real champ is so while Josh is the undisputed champ at 140 Davis is the WBA “Regular” title holder but like I said WBA is really weird and confusing belt

I mean I get what your saying. But in Junior Middleweight there is no confusion at all. Josh holds all the belts. Josh won the WBA against Regis Prograis in a unification bout. He has defended it a cpl of times. Regular belt is like comparing Champions League to Europa League (cheers fight disciples for that analogy :joy:)

So right. The best used to always take chances. It’s getting rarer and rarer these days. No disgrace in losing.

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Give it an hour and there’ll be a suggestion for it here.

Give it two and we’ll have added it… :slight_smile:

(Please don’t ask…).

Regular belt is more like the Anglo-Italian/Scottish Cup if you ask us…

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Haha yeah I will go along with that.

Yeah that analogy was fire and o totally agree with you I was basically stating the confusion and how the WBA sucks for still having those meaningless belts

Yeah your right man. WBA (and WBC) are all about those sanctioning fees. And it allows promotors to push whatever narrative they want. Unfortunately many seem to follow a boxer without really understanding boxing. So it’s easy for PBC (in this instance) to fool people into believing Tank is a champ.

Damn boxing is a mess :joy:. Fair play to IronMike who has tried to make sense of it all and actually make a great game :joy::joy:

Ring Belt is where it’s at. Usually between the best 2 in the division. And best looking by miles. @IronMike:thinking::joy:

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Got to agree here if your gone to add any other belt please make it the Ring Magazine @IronMike
Personal opinion I love the WBC design got to be my favourite looking

WBC is a classic I agree. But Rocky won the Ring belt so I’m all over that :joy::joy:.

The Lonsdale is a special belt as well.

Would love a British title of some sort just for the fact I always chose British Prospects.
I like the WBC do some special things for special events like Canelo v Saunders they had a special belt made just for that event looked pretty cool.

A UK belt would be great. You could argue that the UK is more prestigious than the European here. A lot of history. Not sure if you still do, but you used to get a pension if you won it 3 times (and get to keep it).

Problem being it would be impossible to add a National belt for every country I’m sure (space wise). Perhaps just a UK and US belt. I’m assuming the majority of players from there. Could be totally wrong on that.

Anyway there is a Friday pint with my name on it…:sunglasses:

Enjoy your self lad could go a pint my self but trying to save some cash :joy: your right though can’t have it for every country will have to be the big boys

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