I have an in game Issue

I don’t know if this is a known issue but I have emailed and been told to ask in here.

One of my fighters recently one all four world titles and for some reason I haven’t been able to back a fight for them in 40 in-game weeks. Could anyone explain why this is please.

It’s not necessarily an issue.
Can you send over the rankings for this fighter and weight?
Are there any qualifying fighters?

There are no fighters that qualify I vacated one of the titles just to see if that would allow me to creat a fight but nothing has happened the title hasn’t even been fought for I’ll attach an image.

Send over the rankings screen for this weight and we can help.

This isn’t a bug. It’s boxing :wink:

I like that😂

There you go.

Definitely not a bug :slight_smile:

We will change the category.

I don’t get what you mean, will I be able to book a fight?

A fight looks hard with anyone except Cruz. Tricky. Typical heavyweight ranking nightmare. :):slight_smile:

But a fight still hasn’t become available🤣 will one just eventually appear?

I’ve also had this message twice shown in the image attached.


For a fight to made with the belts your guy holds you need to find
a/ a GBC fighter ranked 2 or less
b/ a GBA fighter ranked 3 or less
and c/ a GBF fighter ranked 5 or less

if you can’t find one fighter who meets all of those eligibility requirements then you will need to vacate the title that ends up with the contender you want to meet.

I did that with one of the titles and I can’t find an opponent still

Yeah we just explained why that didn’t work. :slight_smile: You still need to find a contender who meets the belt eligibility.

Our powers of explanation are weak today. You need to find an opponent whose ranking meets all of the title ranking eligibility for the belts that your fighter holds.

As ever this post is a useful primer on the game.

If I may, a friendly suggestion: check the rankings before you drop a belt. If your fighter has all four belts, try to find another fighter that’s eligible for three of them and isn’t injured or scheduled for another fight. You should be able to schedule a fight with them if you drop the one they’re not eligible for. Looking at the rankings you posted, you probably could’ve gotten a fight with Dzhalilov if you’d dropped the GBA title instead of the GBO title. As it is now Cruz, Andino, Fattah, Talalakin, and Kiss are all eligible for one title so I’d see who’s ready to go and the best matchup for your fighter, then drop the two titles they’re not eligible for and fight them. Vacating titles isn’t the end of the world, it gives you unification bouts to look forward to :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SugarRay

We will try and add some in game messaging around title eligibility! We do assume that everyone loves and is au fait with boxing’s archaic craziness.


Honestly probably the most realistic you can make the rankings. I think they’re pretty spot on. Not all boxing organization will agree to the opponents so belts will need to be dropped. However I will say one thing. It would be nice to somehow introduce voluntary defenses. Like a high box office fighter or an unbeaten fighter etc.