Tips for new players

Thought I would knock together some tips for new players. Consisting mostly of frequently asked questions on the forum. Some are just my opinion so let me know if Iv got anything wrong. Also be great if others add to the thread with their own tips.

Starting the game.
It’s hugely important to start off with some good boxers. You want at least one that has the potential to be a future champion. Preferably more than one. Look for as many green stats as possible.

Tip… Keep re-starting until you are offered good boxers. Shouldn’t take long.

Boxer Stats
This is one area where many new players fail. All stats are important but the key 2 for me are Ring Generalship and Chin.

Ring Generalship is hugely important. It is this stat that mostly drives the fight odds. You want it to be at least 15. But ultimately as close to 20 as possible.

Have a bad chin and your man can get knocked out regardless of other stats. Again, I look for at least 15.

Early Game Finances
You will make very little money early on so avoid spending much. I avoid signing other boxers for the first couple of years unless they are excellent (the potential to have most key stats in green).

When you sign a new boxer you will lose money per fight early in his contract, but should start making profit per fight towards the end as he climbs the rankings.

The more attractive weight groups like Heavyweight and Middleweight will make more profit per fight than the lesser ones.

Signing Rookies
Once you win a title you can sign rookie boxers from your region, not just your country. It’s at this stage that you can sign much better boxers.

Once you are successful and win many titles, your gym can sign rookies from around the word.

Early on look to match up with boxers where you have a least a 60% chance of winning. You will need to take more risks once you get into higher ranking positions.

Try to avoid boxers with 20 for punch power and/or accuracy. You may be 70% favourite but one punch from a monster puncher is all it can take. Note: you lose 2 points to chin when knocked out.

The ranking tables update every 4 weeks. It’s a good idea to arrange the fight after the update as your boxer will have moved up which will offer higher ranked opposition. This is a quicker way to progress up the rankings.

Attribute Points
Stats vary in how many points they cost. Ring Generalship costs 3. Other key stats like chin, power and accuracy cost 2. Lesser ones like conditioning cost 1.

You want your boxer to have as many green stats as possible so use them wisely. But it’s a good idea to concentrate on Ring Generalship early on so you have a better chance of winning fights.

You can also adjust the training plan to concentrate on specific stats.

Title Fights
A big one. You need to be in the required ranking position to get a title fight. Top 2 for WBC, top 3 for WBA, top 5 for IBF and top 7 for WBO. (you can edit the names of the belts on the Title’s screen)

However this is also not guaranteed. Sometimes a boxer won’t want to face you. Think of the randomness of boxing, it’s reflected here. If they won’t fight you, keep winning and try to get your boxer as high up in all Federations. The title shot will come.

For unified or undisputed, you must hold the required ranking position for each federation. So top 2,3, 5 and 7 for undisputed. Likewise if your boxer is undisputed, the opponent needs to hold ALL these ranking positions. If this doesn’t happen you may have to vacate a belt to get a fight.


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Cheers mate. Add to it if you can think of anything.

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Any tips on changing the fight in your favour? From using the fighters corner.

I normally just let the fights play out, but ‘Pile on pressure’ has been recommended by the creators of the game so may be worth trying out…


As @TartanTornado has said, we heartily recommend Pile on Pressure as a fight changing/ending tactic. Best worked from a winning situation.

If going badly and the fighter has sufficient accuracy and defence one of the outside styles can work well.


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Great post. If you have 2 boxers in the same weight can they fight each other?

Hi Jon,

Not if they are in the same gym. Same stable and different gyms is ok.