Kambosos v Haney

Looking forward to this fight over the weekend. Who you all got?

I think this is a hard one to pick. But if I put a bet on it will probably be Haney. I kind of hope Haney wins as well to be honest. Imagine how huge Haney v Tank for undisputed would be!

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Haney by a wide decision. He doesn’t have the power to put Kambosos out, but he is far more skilled. Provided that he comes in with a strong game plan, Haney should comfortably beat Kambosos.

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Yea I agree. Haney is very sharp and being sharp with speed and timing that’s enough to keep a guy like Kam at bay so he (haney) can just pick him apart. Respectfully tho George is no push over

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Oh definitely not. Kambosos is a legit fighter, and I wouldn’t totally count him out if he can force Haney onto the back foot and bully him with his power. But realistically, I think that Haney is too quick and too skilled to be bullied for more than a round or two, and he’ll pick Kambosos apart once he figures him out.

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Facts Bc if we’re being honest Kam vs teo who was more on the “back foot”?(which really means who actually boxed more). Kam and he dominated

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I’m going to go against most and say Kambosos. Haney has gotten into trouble against guys who aren’t natural lightweights and George is definitely a natural lightweight. I think his experience against Teo and being at home will benefit him as well.

This aged pretty well. Better than my Cordina/Ogawa prediction lol

Was a dull fight to stay up for. Haney didn’t really need to get out of second gear. Undisputed at 23, some achievements that.


Would love to see Kambosos step aside and Loma go for Haney. Kambosos doesn’t beat Haney in a rematch, and he probably knows it.

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I think loma loses too. The great thing about haney having the belts we’re gonna actually see these fights. True champion

I disagree. I think Loma is the most skilled in the division and could handle all of them

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I believe loma will be exposed by Devin’s length and jab. I think think would give him a great fight. That one would be amazing I swear lol. And I think shakur honestly could beat them all. I love the lightweight division. I respect Loma tho definitely no hate or shade this way. I do believe media over hyped him only bc he has what? 19 fights? Let him build his resume more professionally before putting him in P4P with 2 loses and no belts. I’d respect the two loses if he was able to avenge them both

My money would be on Loma against Haney for sure. Still think he is no 1 in the division.

Agreed. Loma is the only fighter in the weight class I’d pick to give Haney a good fight.

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Even after losing to Teo??

I personally believe he could’ve beat Teo if he wasn’t asleep for the first half of the fight

For sure. I never buy into a boxer is crap just cause he lost a fight. Then teo was crap and now it’s Kambosos! Styles make fights and more importantly boxers can have off nights.

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Yea that’s idiotic to think someone is all of a sudden trash bc they lost but if there’s tank and haney in the division I’m going with those two guys who are unbeaten and one is now the undisputed champ. I’d love for haney and loma to fight. I’d love to see tank vs loma then winner gets haney. That’ll be great

You can’t be sleeping during a fight and have that be your excuse. If “he’s sleeping” vs haney he’ll get washed on the cards. If “he’s sleeping” vs tank. He’ll literally be put the sleep. And he’s old as dirt in boxing years compared to a 23 year young vet in haney

I don’t think he will be sleeping against anyone else anymore. He’s the most skilled boxer in the division. He’s a better boxer than Haney and he wouldn’t mess up to create an opening for Tank to knock him out