New update ranking

How do you meet your fighters expectations I keep losing my good fighters on a new game


We look forward to the various views on tips on how this plays. To be honest we think it is set to “very forgiving” at the moment both in terms of expectation but also tolerance of those fighters whose ranking is not quite at the "agreed’ level.

Can you be more specific as equally at the new game end of things you have the initial contract with no restrictions?


I had a guy that was 131st that wanted 20th on first renewal and an another guy that was 278th and wanted 160 I’m thinking short term might be the way to go I had a perfect relationship and lost a guy cause of rankings I’m even trying to make fights every 4 weeks

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First thing that every four weeks sounds too quick. Every six to eight for rookies. We always go for mid to long on contracts btw. But that’s us.

Ok thanks I’ll aim long contracts and 6 to 8 weeks for fights I’m still new to this game I had one main game before this update

See one problem I have with the needing to meet the ranking in the fighters contract is that I like to sign fighters with quite low stats and try and build them up over time to see how far I can take and see how high I can get there stats but they can take a few loses or it just takes a while to get them ranked high because you can’t match them with good fighters until you can get there stats up a bit but now I’m losing the fighters that I’m trying to build up because they aren’t meeting the rankings they want in there contact but they aren’t really good enough to be fighting most of the fighters ranked higher up so I was wondering if there was anyway of making it so that fighters with low stats aren’t asking for high rankings that they aren’t ready to meet. It’s ok for the better fighter’s but it can take a while with the fighter that need a bit of work

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I’m glad this point was brought up, I like to run stables purely for undefeated fighters. I feel the fighter loyal (ness) level is too low, for everyone as if it’s one socks fits all. As a result, I lose a lot of good prospects that are 7-0 etc, even though I actually wait a few weeks after the fight to update their rankings. It’s really difficult to keep fighters now who are developing. It could be a good idea to have a loyal attribute/stat for each fighter.


There is a manager/fighter relationship variable that is used.

We will hear other views on this first.

Not sure that we agree with fighter’s being “happy” to take a few losses and simply take it when it comes to their development. Examples please? :slight_smile:

Again to the point with undefeated fighters we haven’t experienced issues in this way and aren’t quite sure of the point you’re making @Charlie_Mason Why do you think fighters aren’t happy with you? Are they complaining specifically or that they just start with a low manager/fighter relationship value?

I’m not saying the fighters are happy to take a loss but there the kind of fighters that if I hadn’t signed them and tried to match them easily then they would have a lot more losses and some don’t take a loss until they do get matched harder but I have no choice but to try and move them up the rankings quicker than I should because they aren’t happy if there rankings isn’t met with what they want in there contract but as I said if I hadn’t signed them then they would never be highly ranked because they aren’t good enough but I like to try and build them up but It can take a while but I don’t have time now because they leave me before I can get there stats up if that makes any sense

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Ok, but if they’re that average they can’t be asking for much in the career progression in the rankings…

No but there asking for higher than I want them to be and it hard to get them there because they aren’t ready and I’ve already lost three fighter because of it but if it’s not bothering anyone else then maybe it’s just me

Thanks for explaining. We’re interested to see how these things work bearing in mind all styles of manager.

So you want to build them up more but they’re too “ambitious” in terms of rankings expectation? What too much too soon?

We have tried to balance this to some extent with the less skilled, less box office friendly being less “ambitious” in their expectations.

Yes there a bit to ambition for how skilled they are where as some of them will take a bit of time and might not even get a world title fight there been a few where I’ve just managed to get them a regional title and others who don’t even get that far but then I do get the odd one who actually become really good and win world titles probably one of my favourite parts of the game trying to take fighter who aren’t very good a build them up

Unless I’m missing something here hasn’t contract expectations been removed from the latest build?

It wasn’t working right for sure. I lost a few boxers who just couldn’t climb the rankings enough even though they were fighting high ranked opposition. And of course I wait for ranking update before arranging fights.

I didnt mention it as I noticed it was gone with the latest build.

Must admit, I’m not a fan of it. Fighters not wanting to sign new contacts is perhaps a realism that’s not needed.

No it’s still in…
We hadn’t experienced any issues and thought it was playing to easy! But if you’re having problems then we’re on it!

As ever we’ll continue tweaking until it’s plays right and fair or “junk” it.
As ever we don’t do many things to make the game harder or more realistic for the sake of it only ever it the game play improves. If it doesn’t we move quickly :wink:

One thing that may need more clarity within the game and which is used as part of the contract ranking expectation is the increased emphasis of the top ranking of a fighter rather than each of the four rankings individually.
We will look at this.

I’m not seeing it. I somehow must have reverted to a previous build!?

But yeah what I was normally getting was the contract saying top 30. But he was only able to reach around 70. Had this happen 3 times.

Another problem I was thinking off, was one defeat could also make it impossible meet the ranking.

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Not sure what version you’re playing…?

We have had a look and next beta will see the expectations reduced to a level that we simulate will be/feel much fairer.

Ha im not sure either. Im still on the beta. I updated about a day before the build was removed.

Was an issue possibly that different weights are easier to climb the rankings than others. I’m sure 2 of the boxers I lost were Lightweights. Which is always a slow slog to climb.

I did have screenshots but deleted them as I totally thought the function was removed. Assumed others has contacted you regarding it :sunglasses: