Next update player request list

Whilst we’ve got a few things to add to what will not be a very large update we wanted to ask players for their one line requests in this topic.

Got to be small stuff and in particular we’re interested in hearing about small niggly things or maybe some things/bugs/enhancement that from a player’s perspective would make a BIG difference to you.

We can’t guarantee using the suggestions but, as people here know, we are very proactive in using player suggestions when and where possible.

As ever thanks for all your support in making Boxing Manager the great game it is.

Not sure if this is too big to suggest now…

…but I’d like to see natural weight and current weight added.

Training affects weight…which affects whether they can make weight before a fight.

Would also be nice to have this so that some fighters can move up (or down) a weight more easily than others, depending on their natural weight and how well they respond to training. I think most would be suited to one or two weight categories - currently they can keep moving up weights (it’s a bit unrealistic).

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Yeah that’s a big one for sure. :slight_smile: We want that to come at the point when there are more weights.

I personally would prefer that each contender ranked in the top ten of a particular organisation be able to fight for the belt

I’d quite like rematch clauses and mandatory challengers. Being able to have rivalries would be good as well those might be quite bigger things though


My no.1 want at the moment would probably be regional titles. But that’s a big change for sure.

So probably the title banner thing I posted about earlier.


I’d agree with this.
I think rematch clauses and mandatory fights would be worthwhile improvements.


It might be quite cool to have a way to see the sort of talent pool in a country for a new gym, for example I opened up a Nigerian gym and have signed one fighter in like 4 game years so wouldn’t have bothered


I’d also like the weight added to the profile statement…e.g… ‘Former WBC Champion’ could be… ‘Former WBC Welterweight Champion’.

I would say A visual marker on reputation to see where you are vs highest rep possible

One way we are looking to solve this, in addition to what you suggest, may be to include the fact that the presence of a gym in such a location stimulates fighters to appear at a far greater rate.

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Not quite sure what you mean there. Can you elaborate?

Maybe adding archetypes to boxers to describe their style and give me them more character depth

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Love that:) More fighter depth of character needed.

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What I mean is when I start the game my gym is known locally and then when I win world titles I’m known on the world stage …but what I don’t know is if I’ve reached the top or how far I’ve got to go are those the only two levels I can reach …would be good to have a target to aim for / something to gauge better where your at in the journey.

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Thanks for clarifying.

I don’t know if this is a big task but to be able to go down a weight


Weights we will deal with in a much bigger way in coming months…

I wish you guys could add an option where you choose weather the fight to be on ppv