Not signing new contracts

Hi I’ve had this a few times now and it’s quite frustrating and I don’t understand why it’s happening. Sign a debut fighter to the gym win all fights of his first few fights and below the expected ranking

and they won’t sign new contract which doesn’t make sense. Why is this ?

I think it would be interesting if you post a picture of the fight record? The list of fights from career history.

It says they have a very poor relationship with you. They will have started with a good one. What happened to the relationship will answer the question here.

No idea why the relationship is poor? Like I said same happened with a few others. That’s his record

Hmm. Interesting.

Have you cancelled any fighter contracts?

Possibly but I’ve got the same with a fighter who I’ve only had 1 fight with and is 1-0. Not sure why they all hate me :joy:

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Had same again with this guy? Any ideas what I’m going wrong?

Do you have decent gym facilities and a good coach?
Have you been hiring/firing coaches regularly?
Or cancelling fighter contracts?

Gym is ‘well equipped’ trainers I never change and don’t think I’ve cancelled anyone’s contract recently ?

I have no idea.
Is your gym in the same country as the fighter’s nationality?

It’s completely weird why this is happening. Again fighters don’t just get a very poor relationship without something having happened to them!

Seems most peculiar.

Does this happen to all fighters?

Yeah Iv seen this myself and it only happens for debut fighters with no rank when you sign them, so when the rankings come out and they get a ranking like 300 and there profile says minus 300 and then they become unhappy because it’s like they dropped in the rankings. It’s ok with anyone else that has a ranking first when you sign them.


Thanks Buffy. That makes sense. This is very helpful indeed. Thanks very much.

So not signing unranked is how to solve this prior to us fixing this. We will look at this now.

Yeah I spotted it last night and I seen a debut fighter I wanted to sign so I waited till he was ranked and then he was booked in for a fight immediately so i had to wait till that fight was over until I signed him and I signed him after his first fight and he was happy with me and no issues with him at all

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this makes sense and we can reproduce that here. Thanks for your help. Great first post! :slight_smile:

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Think buffy hit nail on the head it’s always debut fighters or fighters who are 0-1 and then go down in the rankings even though you didn’t manage them on the fighters debut fight

I think the boxer contracts are still very unfair, one tiny miss and a good fighter is gone. See this example, a young fighter made champ after 16 fights and missed one title defense. Now he doesn’t want to renew.

I recently came back to the game and now it is so hard because of frustrating situations like this that make it hard to enjoy.

In some cases the fighter could request a new trainer, instead of a new manager.

I think if fighter contracts were more detailed there could be a greater range of demands or responses from the fighter about what they want. Currently they just say they don’t want to sign.

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Iv said it before, but in my opinion the one thing the average player hates most in the game is their boxer not signing a new contract.

I’m not really a fan of the new ‘expected contract ranking’ thing. Although in practice after tweaking it you don’t lose that many boxers due to it, you do still lose some. Think Iv lost about 3 because of it in my current game (week 580).

For me the addition kind of forces you to take less risks. As you know that one loss will drop you in the rankings making it harder for a new contract to be signed. A bit counter productive I thought.

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It’s too ruthless.
There needs to be some loyalty.