Say hello to your fighter of the year…lol :/

2 losses and he gets the fighter of the year? Also none my fighters are on the goat list. Also find the game crashes a lot when i go to the next week. Game loads back up quick enough but happens a lot.

Could never make the cut


The judges of the award obviously aren’t fans of curry’s.


Who doesn’t like curry? Like really.

Also I got this cruiserweight fighter who has literally been fighting the top 10 for years and was never even considered and that’s probably because the cruiserweight champ retired with the belt….

My guy

That guy

You really named your Indian fighter that :man_facepalming:t2:


Painfully so. I kind of cringed at myself but I guess I felt it was light hearted and not offensive because I’m actually obsessed with curry. Had curry for dinners ;),

There’s an Italian footballer and his last names lasagna. So it my eyes it’s sound.haha.

Hmm. Ouch.

Ok. Something painfully wrong here.
Can you send a screen of the fighter of year page?


Not sure where the fighter of the year page is.

Also this

Wow. That’s a bad name :slight_smile:

Yeah I was expecting to get struck by the PC police but it really was good hearted and intended purely. I’ll change the name to Something else but the fighter is awesome in all ways.

We have fixed this issue and this will be in the next update(1.02.16) which is hopefully going to be out in the next few days.

How do I check the FOY page?

It will appear (when fighters of the year have been made) on the Records screen.

Fighters of the year “should” appear from the first year onwards.

Yeah but records screen shuts off the game.

Yes and we are working as we speak to work out what that issue is.


Not even the PC side, I’m not offended. It’s just really bad lol