Undisputed champion no fights

As the champion of the three great belts, I haven’t been able to fight a new fight for weeks. Other three-time champions from other weight classes (computers) can still fight new fights with three belts. Please fix it. Don’t want to give up a belt for no reason when computers don’t have to either.

The other champions must have always had challengers that met all the requirements. It’s a bit of a pain but irl champions do vacate belts to make the fights they want.

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If your champs contract is down to 2 fights, vacate belt then renew. Contract will be cheaper. :+1:


I’m still a double champion but I gave up a title and I’m 40th at ibf. But I still don’t get any new fights suggested. And the game still says : ibf contenders must rank 5 or less…

If you win a title fight your ranking will shoot right up. Normally you can fight to get your belt back quite quickly.

Small point but it’s always best to vacate the first belt (the one most people change to WBC). As it’s easier to get fights with the others.

Have you looked at the titles screen? That will show you who is eligible to fight your man. They may be injured or have another fight scheduled.

Feel free to post a pic of the rankings screen if your not sure why your not getting a fight :sunglasses:

my fighter is not injured, nor is a new fight scheduled.
a few weeks have now passed and the rankings have also been adjusted. still not a new fight

No, can you post the Light Heavyweight ‘rankings’ screen please mate? That’s the screen where I will be able to tell you if anyone is eligible.

Basically, for your boxer to get a fight at the moment another boxer will need to be ranked top 2 in WBC and top 3 in WBO.

Title eligibility works like this:
WBC: opponent must be top 2
WBO: opponent must be top 3
IBF: opponent must be top 5

The opponent must meet that eligibility for ALL belts you hold. Hope that makes sense.


of course i can do that but i think i have understood the system now thanks


Love how this community has grown so much in such a short space of time. Thanks.

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No probs mate. So yeah, that Irish guy is eligible if he is not injured or has a fight organised. In future drop the WBC belt first. Easier to get a fight with the other 2.

I would consider moving him up to heavyweight anyway…