Undisputed issues

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I know it’s been brought up a few times, and I do understand the theory behind it, but boxers do have voluntary defences, and defend the other belts against just one mandatory. Could this not be done in-game?

Yes they do and together with mandatory defences this is something we will bring in very soon as we iterate on the current work for titles.

Obviously voluntary defences and mandatory defences have to work together as once we introduce mandatory defences (contrary to what seems popular assumptions) there will actually be half as many chances for challenging than currently is the case with No1 challengers and regional champs getting “automatic” shots.

I was looking at a boxer other day and noticed this. Neither are my fighters but I can’t understand how this lad got a title shot when never been high enough in ranking for 2 of belts.

Looks like it is because the previous champ vacated.

Just looked in the champs career and looks like his opponents ranking never updated on his profile tab.

I used to dislike the undisputed thing in the game, but have grown to like it. It keeps things at a believable level in terms of undisputed champions in the game world. At the moment there are no undisputed champions irl (Teofimo Lopez should be but that’s another story). This shows how hard it should be to make these fights.

I found it reasonably easy to become undisputed, but just lacked the activity so I ended up dropping one so I could get my guy a fight

Yeah it’s probably too easy to become undisputed in fairness. There hasn’t been an undisputed heavyweight for over 20 years. Some weights have never even had an undisputed champion.

But if you look at the history of it, it’s filled with undisputed champions dropping belts due to sanctioning/contract issues or being unable to get the fight they want. And most move weight pretty quickly. As annoying as it can be, I think the game is pretty accurate to real life.

One thing I would like to see changed is the affect moving weight or dropping a belt has on the PfP list. In reality you wouldn’t really drop down the list like you do in the game. I have a guy who is undefeated and was undisputed at welterweight, middleweight and Light Heavyweight. However I dropped the WBC and he fell to 5th on the PfP list. He should really still be PfP no 1.


As ever thanks to all for the quality of the discussion on here. It’s almost as interesting as the game itself at times.

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I’d like to be able to move down in weight as well


Imagine fun you could have if they had all the weights and you could move down weights.

I think it would only really make sense when the other weights are added. It would essentially be jumping down 2 weight class at the moment. Very rare.

Also I think when/if all belts got added then there should be a limit on how many weights you could move up. You would still have plenty of titles to win if you could only move up 3 weights( fly, bantam, feather).

Manny has won at 8 weights :flushed:

This is a complicated one I think. Height, weight, body type, chin etc should all affect what happens to a boxers stats when they move up or down weight. A slim boxer would be more suited to dropping a weight than a bulky boxer etc. I think you should be able to keep moving weight but it could have a drastic affect on stats. Like you say though, around 2 or 3 weights should be doable for most boxers. But the real superstars should be able to go past that.

Hurts my head just thinking about it :joy::joy:.

I didn’t explain it right well. So move up 3 weight classes as game is now. M, lh, and hw. So if all weights came in to play you would have super middleweight and also cruiserweight. Been on sesh for 4 days so I probably don’t make much sense at all. Haha

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Lucky man haha.

Yeah that makes sense, totally agree :sunglasses:

Stupid man. Got work in morning and promised myself I would be good today.:joy:
How do you think billy joe is going to get on this weekend? Am a fan of both but canelo is head and shoulders above anyone in that weight class.

Billy Joe will need to KO Canelo to stand a chance of getting a draw!

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K.O him to get a draw. :joy::joy:That’s only problem for billy joe. He hasn’t got power to ko canelo. I still don’t think billy joe has properly been tested yet. He doesn’t seem to get out of second gear in most fights.
When canelo announced he was fighting smith instead of billy joe last year? I thought he went for easier of 2 fights for his style of fighting.