Undisputed champs

Been a lot of talk on here about not getting fights when our fighters hold all the belts. My personal theory is that the problems not that we can’t get fights. I think the problem is that it’s far too easy to get all the belts. I have had roughly 400 fights in this career and off top of my head had 6ish undisputed champs.
I think best thing would be for mandatories to come into play and if you don’t do mandatory defence you get stripped of the belt.

Yeah I agree. It’s kinda back to front really. Undisputed is easy to obtain but hard to defend. Mandatories could help it. But it would also make getting a title fight a lot harder if mandatories were going on in the background. Tough one.


Suppose it all depends how you play the game. I think a few of us on here really enjoy the start and getting our first champ. Where as some like the getting belts and defending them. So for my own selfish reasons the harder to get belts the better. When I have 8-9 champs I generally restart.

Yeah I’m the same. Once I need to scroll to see my boxers I tend to care less about them. Like a proper weirdo :joy:.

I like having around 6 - 8 great prospects. Why I normally just stick to signing uk boxers. Once you have around 5 title wins you can sign great boxers from around the world really easily. I think it’s a bit easy at that stage to fill your gym with amazing boxers.

But to be honest the balance is really decent. Your always going to get those that want a hard game and those that want an easy one. Think it works well in between really.

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Big issue I’m experiencing with this at minute is fighter happiness. I had an undisputed champ and couldn’t defend his belt at all so he started moaning that he wasn’t fighting, in the end I moved up a weight. Following that my first fight was for two world titles in the new weight class, won them and then same issue happened. The other two champions weren’t fighting for another 10 weeks or so, meaning I couldn’t unify with him and then he kept moaning because he wasn’t fighting again. So I moved him up again and now he’s getting banged because his chin rating has taken a hit and now doesn’t like me as his manager lol. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed this fighter and he made me a lot of money.

I agree mandatories should be a thing as the ranking system seems a bit flawed when it gets to fighting for and defending titles. I also have a heavyweight who is undefeated 90% KO percentage keeps flirting with being ranked no1 and then gets moved back down because all the other champions are occupied for weeks on end. If he was made mandatory then that wouldn’t be an issue.

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The ranking system isn’t flawed :wink: It is just that the one-size fits all approach to title fights, now that we’ve reached four world titles, isn’t as good as it was when there was just one or even three belts. The fourth title addition a couple of months back makes the old style of world title fight creation not work.

We will be introducing Mandatory defences very shortly (we are currently coding) and this will change things considerably.

Another thing that makes it too easy is that managers can ask champions for title fights and largely get them accepted without too much hassle. This will change. Mandatory defences/designated mandatory challengers will be one way to challenge for a title. The other will be voluntary defences by champions and these will be in the form of offers from the champion for the manager to respond to. We will be keeping it (mandatory defences aside) for managed fighters who are reigning champions.

We think this will resolve the variety of issues that we are discussing here.

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Thanks for adding mandatory defenses should help challengers get fights too the game is great cant wait to see what comes next after mandatory defenses

Thank us when it comes out :slight_smile:

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