Your favourite boxers

Ok so this has likely been discussed before but there are a some new posters. Let’s have your top 3 boxers of both now and all time. Boxers who you would never miss a fight they were in.

Mine (which would probably change if asked next week!)


  1. Josh Taylor (shock eh)
  2. Tyson Fury
  3. Terrence Crawford

All Time

  1. Josh Taylor (shut it, I don’t care :joy:)
  2. Mike Tyson (predictable)
  3. Naseem Hamed
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Favourite atm
1 Fury
2 Wilder
3 Spence

1 Bowe/Tyson
2 Mayweather/Holyfield
3 Whittaker

Fury AND Wilder!? Is that even allowed :joy:

Superb retired picks. Take it your American mate? I expect people’s favourites will depend on where they are from.

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Hahah yeah I’m half UK half US, I just feel lucky to have watched both fury and wilder they’re both so exciting to watch.

Out of interest which boxers in the light/welterweight divisions do you think has the best chance of beating Josh Taylor? Personally I’d have to go for Crawford even though I like spence

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All time
Nigel benn
Prince naz
Pac man (can’t put him in current, should have retired a few years ago)

T.T thought your all time would have been
Burns. Haha.

Crawford or Spence would both be huge fights for Taylor. I’m biased as hell but still admit he would be underdog against either. Still think they are winnable but very hard.

Don’t think anyone below beats him. Too big, too good. Big money fights there though. Why he will probably hang around 140 for while.

Aw had Buchanan not been before my time I might have. Burns a funny one. Always thought he overachieved if that makes sense. lucky we now have an elite boxer who I can pick without looking biased :joy:

I was split between Benn, Eubank and Nas. Lots of great UK fights in those days.

Cool thread

Post war 20th century no order…
One of 50….

Not sure

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Your picks are excellent as expected. Monzon and Ali not a wee bit before your time though. I mean I know your an older gent but…. :joy:

Have you seen the tv show about Monzon on Netflix? Good watch. Crazy life had.

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I guess so. :slight_smile: You;'re being too kind.

Haha Iv watched loads of Monzon fights. Love his style. Who you got Monzon v Hagler? What a battle that would have been!!


  1. Usyk
  2. Canelo
  3. I don’t think anyone else is in their league.

All Time

  1. Lennox Lewis
  2. Usyk
  3. Scott Harrison (I used like his fights - and his style. I’m not saying he is an all time great - just an all time favorite in my head). I found Carl Froch entertaining too.

Nice pics. Totally agree that Usyk and Canelo are out on their own.

Scott Harrison an interesting pick. He is back training and fighting. Though I’m not sure his last fight was official. Dunno if getting a licence is the problem. What a hard bastard he is though!

Yes, I read about that. I just thought he was a really fascinating fighter. Couldn’t help but want him to win every time I saw him fight. Untapped potential.

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…and Usyk…great for boxing. I think him and his team look like a really decent group. Funny too. In my lifetime watching boxing, this guy is the real deal. Pleasure to watch him at work - but I have to keep pausing to watch his feet.

Usyk so good to watch. And just comes across as such a likeable guy. I am very Feel :joy:


Oh to have watched Riddick Bowe v Lennox Lewis!



  1. Canelo
  2. Loma
  3. Fury

All time

  1. Ali
  2. Tyson
  3. Frazier
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  1. Tyson Fury
  2. Billy Joe Saunders
  3. AJ (sigh)
  4. Canelo
  5. Joe Joyce (but I doubt he will be a world champ I just like him)


  1. Joe Calzaghe (the man)
    2 . Ricky Hatton
  2. Mayweather
  3. Frank Bruno
  4. Mike Tyson


  1. Paddy Pimblett
  2. Dias
  3. Masvidal
  4. Usman
  5. McGregor


  1. Anderson silva
  2. Brock lesnar
  3. Khabib
  4. Nick diaz (he should retire now anyway )
  5. Cormier

We’ll let the one-off reference to MMA pass :wink:

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