Your favourite boxers

Nice to see Frank Bruno in there. It would be hard for younger folks to appreciate just how popular Bruno was in the UK. Was never the best but glad he eventually won the title.


The Bruno v Tyson sky doc was epic mate if you haven’t seen it

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Yeah Iv seen it mate. Great doc. Remember watching both the fights live. That big moment when Bruno rocked Tyson.

Strangely the UK had a real all time heavyweight great in Lewis at the time but didn’t really get behind him. Weird bunch on these Isles :joy:

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Was Bruno actually that popular in the day?

Yes, although popular/very well known in a general public sense would be more true.

Most of his career was shown on BBC1 on a show (feel very old) called Sportsnight and then standalone shows. He was a celebrity very early on in his career.

You have to remember that In the 80s Britain hadn’t had a Heavyweight world champion for almost 100 years. Suddenly we had Bruno who looked like a real contender. He was also a bit of a big friendly giant, so was always on chat shows etc. In the 80s your gran probably wouldn’t know anything about boxing but she knew who Frank Bruno was :joy:


122 - Steph Fulton
130 - Colbert
135 - Loma & Lopez
140 Prograis & Taylor
147 - Spence, Ennis (future p4p 1), Porter
154 - no one at top really (neutral), I do like Madrimov tho
160 - GGG
168 - Plant, Benavidez Berlanga
175 - Beterbiev
HW - Fury & Usyk, Jared Anderson, Efe Ajagba

All Time:
Mike Tyson
Riddick Bowe
Aaron Pryor
Tommy Hearns
Jack Dempsey
Gene Tunney
Benny Leonard

Damn you went all out there mate. Good stuff :blush:. Not a fan of Canelo though huh haha