Can you sign world champions?

How can you sign other world champions, or high tier fighters. It seems i just get bad washed up fighters or 0-0 prospects. Absolutely love the game, cheers!

I have never come across it but don’t let that put you off. Once you are 3-4 years into game and got your first world champ. You will attract the best young prospects from around world. If you sign prospects wisely you will end up with a stable of best boxers in game within a few years. The key things is to start with a really good prospect. You may need to keep restarting game a few times to get a brilliant prospect at start but makes the game a lot easier. Also don’t sign average fighters at start cos money is tight so you could go bankrupt.have a read of this. It will help.

Then this vid will help for the game play.


Yeah I figured, thanks!